Our Approach

No two businesses are the same, so neither are our transformation programs. The needs of one business will vary compared to the needs of others and that's why we build our transformation programs individually to suit our clients needs. Of course supporting this we have a detailed approach that has been developed over many years and across multiple industries and geographies. We also have vastly experienced people from industry and consulting backgrounds that can determine what will work best for your requirements. Gaining a real in-depth understanding of our customers, their objectives and their market is the starting point for every engagement.

Our clients have told us that our forthright, down-to-earth and no nonsense hands on approach is very refreshing and engaging. They have also come to realise that we never hide behind jargon or theoretical snobbery, we tell it as it is. We are a company that is young at heart, energetic and inspiring. We prefer to concentrate on the art of the possible and on getting things done.

The five key principles that underpin our approach are:

  • Actions over Audits

No report, however insightful, can transform a business. Swift, intelligent action can. Putting results before reports, we get to the heart of what needs to be done and we do it quickly. Our experienced consultants provide direct answers to difficult questions and our commitment to growth and profitability gives us the determination to tackle issues that people may prefer to avoid.

  • Our People are our Power

Our people bring deep industry knowledge and practical experience of how to get things done effectively. Mobile Intelligence has market-leading transformation expertise gained across multiple industries, functions and countries. By listening to your needs and applying our relevant experience and insight, we always deliver.

  • Everyone's Engaged

The transformation program & journey is yours, not ours. We actively involve people at all levels to work with us, and each other, to drive business change and performance. Whatever challenges we face, we will always get the job done. Building consensus around shared issues and common goals, together we jointly deliver results. In this way, as a united team, we produce sustainable long-term benefits at speed. This also facilitates the transferring of important industry and consulting skills early, ensuring proper engagement with people and building capability that will deliver results long after we have departed.

  • The Devils in the Detail

Sometimes delivering successful change programs which are required to deliver growth, profitability or operational excellence is all about making small changes to many areas. This is where our people really make their experience count. Our ability to analyse objectively and independently of the process owners, allows us to identify opportunities and make suggestions based on this detail. Many small changes and adjustments can add up to significant improvements overall.

  • Tailored not Formulaic

There is no off the shelf foolproof formula to achieve business transformation; we rely on years of cross-sector experience to design a tailored solution that works for you. Bringing ideas and insights from one industry to another, we take a flexible approach. We challenge and analyse the job that needs to be done then tailor a programme that will swiftly deliver the desired result for your business. We are always pragmatic, always practical.

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