Mobile IT

Consulting on an Enterprise Mobile IT Strategy will ensure businesses make the right choices when it comes to maximising the use of mobile technology platforms, both Internally (Security, Control, Productivity) and Externally (Customer Engagement and Business Transformation).

The high level objectives of your business must be at the forefront of your reasoning when considering any technological solution for your needs. At Mobile Intelligence we make the targets and goals of the company our Focal Point and work with senior management teams to deliver and execute your corporate strategy through the integration of the appropriate technology solutions. By working closely with key decision makers, our advisers enable businesses to use mobile technology to enhance their processes, drive client relationships and maximise efficency.

Companies are now looking to introduce Mobile First solutions and business models which will enable them to keep up with market demand and maximise their competitive advantage. At Mobile Intelligence, we help to determine the most suitable technology assets for you, the strategies needed to exploit these assets and any new business models required to identify other potential opportunities.

  • Develop Strategic Mobile First Roadmap
  • Mobile Technology SWOT Analysis
  • Alignment of Technology with Business Requirements & Goals
  • Greater client services engagement
  • Enhanced business processes through the use of technology
  • Collaboration and social enterprise tools
  • Change Management Methods & Techniques

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